Why would a successful doctor choose to affiliate his or her practice with Meridian?

  • Their office(s) have become too successful to manage well on their own
  • Compliance and management headaches have left them with a poor work/life balance
  • They have no exit strategy and like the safety and support that Meridian provides
  • They are lonely, stagnant, bored, or burnt-out in their career
  • They recognize the value and benefits that a larger group can provide
  • They want to realize the financial benefit of being under a DSO structure, without the overwhelming expense and time involved with setting it up

What do we look for in a practice?

  • "Team Player" owners that agree that the group is better than the sum of the parts
  • A practice with a reputation of being a leader in their community
  • A history of ethical care, trustworthiness, humility, and profitability
  • Core values in alignment (trust, generosity, and togetherness)
  • A hard-working and faithful team that sees some degree of change as being necessary and beneficial to staying at the top of their game

What are the benefits?

  • Immediately monetizing all or some of the equity in your practice
  • Ability to continue to see patients as long as you would like to, on a part-time or full-time basis
  • No more IT, HR, compliance, marketing, or legal headaches!
  • No need to stress about finding the perfect associate that will have the ability to manage the practice AND be an excellent clinician
  • Spend your free time doing the things you LOVE
  • A robust benefit package for you and your staff