We are extremely excited and honored to be listed as one of EDNs Emerging Dental Groups to Watch in 2018.

Meridian Dental Solutions was founded by Jeff Minchau, Kent McBride, and Spencer Stiles in 2004. They currently have five locations in WV, PA, and MD.  Thus far, they have utilized both de novo and affiliations strategies and plan to add three or four more offices in 2018. They are currently finalizing their DSO structure, changing practice management software, updating financial reporting/tracking, and introducing a more robust benefit package. In the next three to six months, their structure and systems will be much more mature allowing them to aggressively seek opportunities. At that point, they intend to grow as quickly as management and executive teams will allow. For MDS, it is more important to partner with providers that share their values than to find opportunities for profit.

MDS sees the landscape of dentistry changing and wants to play an active role in maintaining the integrity of specialties for the good of patients and referring doctors. Likening themselves to Tesla, Google, or Amazon, they are encouraging disruptive thinking. MDS wants to help innovative ideas grow wings.

Believing that a great team is far superior to a great individual, they are currently creating a curriculum for their newer doctors and team members.  Mutual respect, implementing systems to empower dentists to achieve success and relieve stresses, clear communication, harmonious teamwork, and lifelong learning are key components of their business philosophy.

Although still in its infancy, a key success has been the addition of periodontics as a specialty under the group after they realized the synergies between endodontics and periodontics were numerous.

Giving back is important to MDS and they give all providers a generous yearly allowance for dental mission trips, and will be organizing regular ways to donate free dental services.

Key executives in group:
Aaron Seldon RN, MBA, MSN – Chief Executive Officer
Jeffrey Minchau DDS, MS – Chief Clinical Officer
Kent McBride DDS, MS – Chief Development Officer
Spencer Stiles DDS, MS – Chief Financial Officer

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